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When a design idea arrives, our engineering staff reviews all parameters - length, thickness, material options, secondary options, and the part profile itself. By the early stages in our design process, we will know that the tooling and products we produce will satisfy your design requirements.

At Cleveland Roll Forming, we are accustomed to working with very tight tolerances in both heavy and light materials. We can offer extensive experience in working with aluminum, brass, copper, stainless, carbon and galvanized steel, and a wide range of alloys. We have the flexibility to provide both short and long runs, and can cut the material to the exact length you require. By utilizing our wide range of standard dies, we can also provide standard shapes and channels quickly. These and other production capabilities provide our customers with fast turnaround on production runs, and help cut down on inventory storage space requirements.

Our other capabilities include functions such as bending, de-burring, edge conditioning, embossing, notching, punching, tabbing or perforating the part. We can also address your precise finishing requirements.